Christmas Party for Children by KMFAP Mozambique Priory 2023
Help us to help! 

The KMFAP Priory of Mozambique held a Christmas party for children with special needs and learning difficulties at the Imaculada Conceição School, run by the Brazilian missionary sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, located in one of the most problematic neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Maputo. 
The happy moment we got for the children was also supported by the Ac├ícia Rubra, cultural heritage management company, and two special ladies to whom we thank; the artist Mrs. Tininha, of Jewish origin and Mrs. D. Sultane, from the Islamic community, who, together with the KMFAP Priory, supported the Catholic missionaries, which, in turn, work with children of all religions. This is an example for the world. I was surprised by the coexistence and lack of religious and cultural prejudices that exist in Mozambique. We all live together; Canecos (Goans), Natives, Mulungus (white people), Arabs, Jews, Catholics, Europeans, Americans, Mochinas (Chinese), Monhés (Pakistan, India, etc.), without religious or cultural intolerance, and I always learn something with others. Sister Lurdinhas, responsible for the mission, doesn’t question or judge. As soon as we come to help, she always welcomes us like a true door of God, a door open all night and all day, and this is how the world and religion should be. 


This year we made another leap in the amount of donations and in the last few months alone, hundreds of kilos of various food items were collected for the KMFAP “Feed the Children” Program. This project is growing and helping more and more children and families in need. 


Special thanks to our Grand Master, H.M.E.H. Prince José, to the Prime Minister H.G. George Popper and his spouse Lady Anna Popper, thanks to the Government of the Order and to the entire Magisterial House for encouraging our activities and being close to us. May God bless our Grand Master with good health and always preserve the most beautiful jewel he bears, his Heart. Thanks also to Ambassador Sir Júlio Quaresma, ‘Godfather’ of our Priory, and to all the brothers and sisters at KMFAP, because we work in the name of everyone! 


The Priory of Mozambique wishes you a Prosperous and Happy New Year in 2024 and recalls that it is the responsibility of all Knights and Ladies to grow our Order. We must all dream of a better world and build activities and projects together in the most diverse areas, from solidarity to science. Our Order is also an example of Knights of various nationalities, if we want to classify it that way, or rather an example of diversity of brothers with multiple backgrounds and experiences that complement and enrich us. 


We are now citizens of the world, and each of us has the obligation to work for development from the moment we honourably received our investiture. 


The Priory of Mozambique intends to continue to grow in its work; in solidarity, citizenship, education and health projects. Help us to help! 

May the Year 2024 bring Health, Peace and Prosperity to all. 

Yours in St. John, 

 Sir Luís Cruz, Knight of Malta 
Prior of Mozambique