Joint Declaration by the Grand Master’s Office and the Prime Minister’s Office on Our Assistance to Refugees and Victims of the Ukrainian Conflict

The Office of the Grand Master and Head of the State and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Government of the State of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta (KMFAP) jointly declare their pride and appreciation for the valuable Humanitarian Work carried out in several Central European countries both by the local FEMERAID International Units and also individually by many of our Knights and Dames or through their respective companies or enterprises in favour of the many victims and refugees of the terrible War in Ukraine. 

In addition, both Offices declare that they have unanimously agreed on the principle of not showing any images, videos or photos of our intervention and assistance to victims on our websites and social pages in order to protect and preserve the human dignity and privacy of victims, most of them fragile elderly people, women and children, all going through very dramatic moments of great distress, anxiety and deep sorrow. The leadership of KMFAP considers that the images of these persons shall be preserved and deeply respected in accordance with the principles and fundaments of our Sovereign Order and the praxis of our State. 

The KMFAP leadership respects, understands and highly appreciates the importance of the work of the media and social networks in making public and freely informing the world by showing the shocking images of the war and its victims, however the purposes and principles of our Sovereign Order, of our State and its institutions are exclusively humanitarian and not informative, therefore we have decided not to present images of the victims and their dramatic moments of sufferance in this case and for the time being. 

Magisterial House, 10th March 2022