Donation and Phytotherapy by the KMFAP Bailiwick of Mozambique
The KMFAP Bailiwick of Mozambique has the honour of informing that its Bailiff, Sir Luís Miguel Garcia da Cruz and his wife, Natalia Mey are doing a continuous and growing work in the KMFAP’s Social Solidarity Program in the country.

During the last month of January 2021, once again, several items were offered and distributed for the poorest among the community of the capital city Maputo.

Sir Luís names a few without claiming completeness:
“We would like to mention 45 kg of Corn Flour, 15 kg of Malambe Flour (*see note), 10 kg of Mexoeira Flour, 10 Kg of Mapira Flour, several Dozens of eggs, 20 kg of Rice, 10 kg of Potatoes, 10 kg of Onions, 10 kg of fresh Fish, 4 kg of Sugar among many other grocery products. We have also offered and distributed pharmaceutical items such as 56 boxes of Aspirin, Protective Masks for COVID-19 prevention and several other medicines given to our Bailiwick by various donors, to whom this Bailiwick is very grateful, including Taverna Portuguesa that delivered not medicines, but 4 pallets of Food Snacks.”

All these products have been offered to the Missionary Sisters of Charity (the Missionary Order of Mother Theresa of Calcutta), to Casa Mateus 25 (the Charitable institution, promoted by the Apostolic Nunciature to Mozambique, visited by His Holiness Pope Francis in 2019) and to numerous needy families.

The Bailiwick of Mozambique seizes this opportunity to ask all the brother Knights and Dames interested in a synergistic participation in the a Phytotherapy Project, to contact the Magisterial House or the Prime Minister’s Office for further coordination. 8th March 2021

* NOTE: Malambe is the fruit of the famous Baobab tree (one of the symbols of Africa), whose Western medicine has recently discovered immense nutritional and medicinal qualities. In Africa and Asia, the Phytotherapeutic products and natural food supplements are very consumed, but these products are also a growing trend all over the world, namely in Europe and America, and the companies dedicated to this can obtain very interesting dividends from this product.

8th March 2021