News about KMFAP Mozambique Donation
Following our news published on the 13th April 2020, the work of KMFAP ORPHANS PROGRAM in Mozambique continues as a response to the challenges, deprivation and needs of the most disadvantaged part of the population, especially the nutritional problems of orphans and the homeless, mainly now that these problems have increased due to the global pandemic crisis.

The Mozambican representative office of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP), headed by Sir Luis Cruz, is receiving a growing number of donations of food commodities, which are being redirected to several missionary institutions, with particular reference to the Casa da Alegria Orphanage run by the sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Order, to the Missionaries of Charity and also to Casa Mateus 25 of the Apostolic Nunciature to Mozambique, whose work in favour of the orphans, the homeless and the poorest in the city of Maputo we emphasize.

Thanks to private donors – such as Taverna Portuguesa, Terramar and other entities that prefer to remain anonymous – our Representative Office is delivering dozens of kilograms of chicken, rice, peanuts, hundreds of cans of beans, bread, cakes, etc. on a weekly basis. There have been more fruitful weeks than others, but what is never lacking is the gratitude expressed by these institutions for our humanitarian work and whose blessings we forward to all our brothers and sisters, Knights and Dames.

We cherish the dream of increasing our presence in the near future with new medical and humanitarian actions in Mozambique. So, the support of all Knights and Dames is essential for KMFAP to grow in Mozambique in all aspects.

If you wish to support and contribute to the work of our Sovereign Order and State in Mozambique, please do so through the KMFAP Prime Minister's Office, by contacting Lady Erika Macsári, DCM, Head of Chancellery of the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

We wish all our members good health and perseverance in this difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay safe and healthy!

20th October 2020