Information on How to Make Your Own Face Mask by CNN
It is known that in most countries there is a shortage of masks that can prevent and protect people from the COVID-19, therefore we want to give as much diffusion and dissemination to an excellent information published by CNN (see the link below), which constitutes a very good example of the Public Service rendered by the Media in such troubled times.

These masks can be made of old clothes or pieces of textile fabric of all kinds, sorts and colours (imagination is important) and, to make it safer, we recommend 3 layers of fabric. Needless to say, that these masks do not offer as much safety as the ones specifically made for the purpose, but can provide some degree of protection and if you want to re-use them please disinfect them first.

However, do not forget that the mask alone does not protect you, since gloves and glasses, or sunglasses are also part of the protection gear, but the best protection is to stay safe at home and to wash your hands frequently.

CNN link:

6th April 2020