Season’s Greetings from the Grand Master of Knights of Malta (KMFAP) - 2019

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."
Roy L. Smith

To Our Knights and Dames of all Creeds and Religions,

Beside its important meaning for the Christians, all over the World Christmas has become much more than a religious festivity of some. In fact, it became a Feeling of Peace of Love and of Care in everybody's hearts, regardless of the religious belief of each person.

Our feelings, for those who are dear to us, are shown by giving presents and gifts in this Season, however, very few offer the two most precious and priceless gifts which we can give to our loved ones: Time to care and Love to cherish.

Time and Love are simple but priceless gifts and we know that the simpler gifts have usually more value and more meaning than most of the luxurious and expensive ones, that is why, this Christmas, instead of sending with my message to you all a rich and beautiful image of the Nativity Scene, I'm sending a very simple one, but meaningful for all the Knights and Dames of St John: it is the photo of the Nativity Scene in my house, a piece of Maltese handcraft representing a Maltese Nativity Scene, where the manger is replaced by a “ Luzzu “ - a typical Maltese fishing boat - and where St Joseph is dressed as a Knight of St John.
In its simplicity, this Nativity Scene summarizes what we all, Knights and Dames of St. John, feel about Christmas: a Season of Peace, Love and Care.

Soon after Christmas a New Year will arrive and although dark clouds warn us about the possible storms that the year of 2020 may bring to our World, for us, Knights and Dames of St John, regardless of the good weather or of the storms to come, our attitude must remain the same even during the coming year:
As the American writer, Theodor Seuss Geise (Dr. Seuss) once wrote: “Christmas will always be, as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.“ 
So, my sincere wishes for the year 2020 are that for each one of you, every day of this new year may be a Day of Christmas, full of Peace, Love and Care.

H.E.H. José, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State

12th December 2019