Sculpture by Sir JĂșlio Quaresma, Grand Cross Knight of KMFAP in honour of Alda Lara
The artwork of our Ambassador, the reputed Portuguese-Angolan architect and plastic artist, Sir Júlio Quaresma, Grand Cross Knight of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta (KMFAP) was inaugurated on the 28th March 2019.

This monument was built in honour of Alda Lara (1930-1962) Angolan poetess linked to humanism, identity and freedom, in the Municipality of Oeiras.

Recently Sir Júlio Quaresma has won 2 other public tenders as well, one of them to do the Sculpture of the Entrance of the City of Football, also in Oeiras, which is the small city dedicated to football where the Portuguese national teams of all kinds of football train and prepare the International competitions, and another public tender for a monument in Lisbon.
In all of these tenders the best Portuguese sculptors have entered, too, but our brother, Sir Júlio Quaresma won them all.

Dear Sir Júlio,

in the name of all the Knights and Dames of KMFAP, please accept our heartfelt congratulations for your significant works.

23rd April 2019