Expulsion of Sir Charles A. Nagy from the Knights of Malta (KMFAP) and brief description of the happenings
Dear Dames and Knights,

besides our official documents, given information and Magisterial Decrees, in recent days many of you have received information and “decrees” from Károly András Nagy, too!

In view of all this, I consider it necessary to speak and briefly describe what happened, so that – based on the below information – everyone can correctly form a judgement about the situation, which also involves serious dangers for our Sovereign Order and State.

What happened in chronological order:

1. At the beginning of January 2019, such information was brought to the attention of the Order’s leadership, supported by clear evidence, that our Minister of Foreign Affairs – beyond his powers and abusing of his position unconstitutionally – has issued KMFAP Diplomatic Passports unlawfully for non-authorised outsiders and sold these documents for significant sums!

2. With this in mind, our Grand Master and Head of the State, Prince José Cosmelli in the Magisterial Decree 01/2019 issued on the 18th January 2019, suspended Károly András Nagy with immediate effect from office and from all his duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Prince José convoked our Magisterial Court of Peace to judge this case, by setting up a Disciplinary Court for the fair investigation of the case with the involvement of our 3 prestigious legal professionals and judges.
Until a final verdict of sentence is given by the Magisterial Court of Peace the membership and all duties of Károly András Nagy were suspended!

3. After the Public Attorney of KMFAP sent the Note of Fault to the Magisterial Court of Peace and to the Defendant, Károly András Nagy – the Court gave Mr. Nagy three days to express his wish whether he wanted to defend himself, or not, then the Defendant had ten days to present his Defence to this Court!
During this time, no defence acceptable to the court was filed, which is not a surprise, as all the evidence attached in the Note of Fault was clear and incontestable.

4. Károly András Nagy – used the time available for defence to start inundating our knights with letters and documents in which – instead of his own defence – he attacked our Grand Master with false statements and accusations, demanding his resignation!
Mr. Nagy didn’t realise he was no longer a minister of KMFAP, and his knighthood was also suspended!
There was no such example yet in the history of our Knightly Order, but also for other states it is called a coup attempt (coup d'état)!

5. On the 25th February 2019 the Magisterial Court of Peace – by keeping the rules of our State – gave Verdict and Sentence. As Verdict, the Court has unanimously condemned Károly András Nagy and found him guilty on all charges presented in the Note of Fault. As Sentence, the 3 Judges have proposed his exclusion from the Order!

The Verdict and Sentence can be found here:


6. On the basis of this proposal Prince José Cosmelli, our Grand Master immediately issued the Magisterial Decree 07/2019 depriving Károly András Nagy of all his rank and position, and expelled him from our Sovereign Order and State!

You can find the MD 07/2019 below.

During this whole period the Accused, who had no doubts about the outcome of the case – made a comprehensive attack on replacing our legitimate Grand Master, and after sending out – as defence – videos and mails containing false accusations:

- Károly András Nagy elected himself as the Grand Master of KMFAP and Head of the State, and appointed himself as Foreign Minister by referring to the “highly questionable temporary constitution of our Sovereign Order and State and to its knights, who created it”!

- at the same time, with another decree issued by Károly András Nagy, he removed and replaced Prince José, our Grand Master and expelled him from the Order!

used the time available for defence to start inundating our knights with letters and documents in which – instead of his own defence – he attacked our Grand Master with false statements and accusations, demanding his resignation!

Dear Dames and Knights,

For me, as lieutenant general (deputy of the Grand Master) and Prime Minister of the State, this case is also extremely painful, because I proposed Károly András Nagy to become Knight, supported him and I called him back to the position of Foreign Minister after his “forced rest”, and in recent years we have worked closely on many topics, mostly successfully for the sake of our Sovereign Order and State!

I find it hard to understand how Károly András Nagy, with common sense, could live so much back with confidence, how could he go so far even if he was hoping or looking for a lot of money!

Now, I can hardly decide whether Károly András Nagy is so unscrupulous and corrupt, or his mind has broken down as a result of many family problems, previous court cases in Hungary, and being caught as all evidence showed in this Court Case!

I suggest that you decide this by yourself, based on all the above information!

Our Sovereign Order and State has developed and strengthened significantly in the past years! We can not let a doubtful person who has got in with us, or even an insane person to ruin our results so far!

HG Prof. George Popper
Lieutenant General
Prime Minister

26th February 2019