“Dialogue between the generations is a basic issue” Interview with Mr. Andor Schmuck, founder of the Association of Respect

"For what purpose did You create this special organisation?

– The Association of Respect (AOR) was founded 14 years ago, mainly to defy seniors’ greatest enemy: the loneliness. The more they are left alone, the more they turn in on themselves and fall into the false illusion of hopelessness. Loneliness leads to illness, depression, and is tempting to give up. The organisation was thus set up to improve the quality of life. Over the age of 65-70 there is also a need for community, entertainment and studying, and we are trying to organise all of these with our own means and possibilities. Although we introduced the term “nice age”, (matured old age or elderly), we know that old age has its challenges: health, family and facing the ageing. "

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