29th Ceremony of Investiture of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP) on the 11th February 2017 in Florida, USA

Months of preparation preceded this long awaited historically important moment in the life of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP). After a long pause, finally on the 11th of February 2017 a Solemn Ceremony of Investiture took place in the USA.

The Golden Age of the Order was during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s in the United States under the reign of H.M.E.H Lorenzo De Valitch patriarch, Grand Master of the Order when countless outstanding and highly respected members of the American society joined its ranks. Being proud of their knightly background they further enhanced the prestige and reputation of the Order. Sadly, they are no longer amongst the living. The United States Congress commemorated the order during three of their sessions within the framework of their daily agenda (1967, 1973, 1984). Congressional reports were made of these momentous occasions, which can be viewed on the Order's English and Hungarian websites (www.kmfap.net, www.kmfap.hu) under the historical overview section.

(It is also imperative to honour patriarch and Grand Master H.M.E.H Lorenzo De Valitch whose successful work played a crucial role in the Order and was also a hero of the French resistance. After his death, the scene of the order moved to Europe where the members of the Italian Grand Priory continued with their exceptionally active work, so the life of the order continued. In the 2000’s the scene of the Order moved again, this time to Central Europe, thanks to the committed and effective work of the Hungarian and Slovakian knights, which even today has brought a newfound dynamism to the everyday workings of the Order.)

With all this in mind everybody prepared with much needed excitement for the 29th inauguration ceremony with the Hungarian Grand Priory and the American Grand Priory working in close coordination.

The ceremony was held at a special location in Miami, Florida, at the huge Trump National Doral estate. The breathtakingly elegant Donald Trump Grand Ballroom was transfigured after we decorated it with the symbols of our knightly Order. The postulants of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus were introduced by their godfathers, easing their situations and understandable excitement.

The ceremony was held according the regular strict protocol, knightly traditions and the highly effective cooperation between our American and Hungarian knights. Lady Andrea Lee, Dame of Cyprus was the Master of Ceremony. After listening the anthems of the United States and the Order, the postulants marched in, they were followed by the dames and knights, then the officials of the Order. The American flag was carried by Lady Alice Torres, the flag of the Order of Malta was carried by Sir Miklós Fischli and the flag of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus by Sir Zoltán Hossó, Sir Charles Csaba Kendelényi carried the ceremonial sword. The attendees represented 16 countries from 5 continents. Herewith we also remembered our Knights and Dames who are sick or have passed away, Ave Maria was played for them.


After the speech of H.M.E.H. Prince José, Grand Master of KMFAP, the ceremony begun during which eight postulants from the USA, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela and New Zealand were knighted by the Order’s supreme dignitary.

New Dame and Knights of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem:

  • Sir James ANGLETON Jr. (USA)
  • Sir Felipe GONZALEZ CARRILLO (Venezuela)
  • Sir Manuel GONZALEZ (USA)
  • Lady Mary-Kathryn MARR (Canada)
  • Sir Gonzalo MORALES DIVO (Venezuela)
  • Sir David PEREZ (Cuba)
  • Sir Bradley James STEPHENSON (New Zealand)
  • Sir Joseph David WEINGARD (USA)

H.G. Prof. George Popper held a brief introduction about the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, after which three postulants from South Africa, Cyprus and the USA joined the ranks of Knights of Sword and Silence.

New Dame and Knights of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus:

  • Sir Craig DUTREMBLE (USA)
  • Lady Natalia B. WALLACE (South Africa, Cyprus)
  • Sir Jonathan W. WALLACE II (USA)

The piano-play and nice singing of Miss Fanni Sárközy created a peculiar atmosphere during the whole ceremony.

Appointments, advancements and decorations closed out the ceremony in the following order:

  • Sir Charles A. Nagy – Gold Star with Diamonds of Cyprus
  • Sir Massimiliano Turi – Knight Commander of Cyprus
  • Sir Jose Manuel Gonzalez Testino – Knight Commander of Malta
  • Sir James Angleton jr. – Prior of KMFAP for Florida
  • Sir Karl DelaGuerra, KCC – Prior of KMFAP for North Carolina


Staying true to traditions, in the name of the leaders of the Order, thanks were rendered to all contributing members for their devoted and effective work making a successful and memorable event.


  • Lady Anna Popper, GCDM – Hungary
  • Lady Erika Macsári, DCM – Hungary
  • Lady Andrea Lee – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Lady Alice Torres – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Lady Mary-Kathryn Marr – Miami, Florida, USA
  • Lady Viktória Niklós Vincze – Hungary
  • Dame Éva Nagy Balogh – Hungary
  • Mrs. Katalin Baráth – Hungary
  • Miss Fanni Sárközy – Miami, Florida, USA – Hungary
  • Mrs. Gabriela Alvarez – Miami, Florida, USA
  • Sir José Manuel Gonzales Testino, KCM – Caracas, Venezuela
  • Sir Karl DelaGuerra, KCC – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Sir  Zoltán Hossó – Hungary
  • Sir Miklós Fischli – Hungary
  • Sir Peter Polyák – Miami, Florida, USA – Hungary
  • Sir Péter Gábor Grünberger – Hungary
  • Sir Csaba Károly Kendelényi – Hungary
  • Mr. Kevin Szalatnai – Hungary
  • Mr. Attila Kutas – Florida, USA

After the official photo session, superb buffet dinner was offered at the Trump estate’s saloon. At the end of the day our guests – especially our newly inaugurated Knights and Dames toasted and cheered on this utmost important day in their lives. The event ended with light-hearted talks and acquaintances.

Following this event starts also for the new dames and knights the mandatorily required task, which stems from the Orders humane value: to join the Order’s humanitarian work. Being one of the most important functions of the Order, which it does in the interest of those in need due to the nature of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem originally being established for this reason. In today’s world naturally, in response to the modern world’s challenges, the order also operates in a plethora of different areas (International mediation, disaster prevention and response, air rescue, prompting investment, financial sector, Security).

With this significant event, we hope that a new chapter begins in the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta's glorious history and present, thanks to the dedicated and committed work of our previous and newly anointed dames and knights.

31st March 2017