„MUDr. Vladimir Harinek 2014” Memorial Tournament of the Slovak Red Cross in Nitra with the support of Knights of Malta (KMFAP)

The national first aid competition of the volunteers of Slovak Red Cross was held between 27-29 June 2014 in Nitra (Slovakia), which event has been dedicated to the memory of MUDr. Vladimir Harinek, doctor, for more than twenty years already.

350 volunteers of the Red Cross – in teams of 6-10 people – participated in this year's tournament from the whole territory of Slovakia and with the help of 150 organisers and contributors. Prize of the winning team is – in addition to the well-deserved glory and the cup – that they will represent the Slovak Red Cross at the Volunteers World Contest to be held in Paris in the fall.

The grand opening of the three-day event took place on the main square of Nitra, with the presence of Mr. Ján Richter – minister of work, social and family affairs – representing the leaders and organisers of the Slovak Red Cross, the city officials and the Slovak Government. Mgr. Viera Kazimirova – who is a tireless engine of the very significant humanitarian action taking place throughout the year within the Red Cross organisation of Nitra – has played a prominent role in organising this large-scale competition. The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) contributed to the event with financial and moral support, and its delegation: Prof. George Popper – Lieutenant General of the Grand Master, Peter Lednar – Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Anna Popper – director of the Organising Committee of the KMFAP events, attended the opening ceremony and the tournament day as well.


It was very interesting to go through all stations being set up on 24 points of the city, which is rich in historical sights, where all the teams had to face challenging role-play. 


The organisers really thought of every conceivable situation that requires first aid in all the exercises, which were compiled with great expertise and imagination. The high requirements, the real-life situations that demand versatility, the competition and the summer heat have posed a serious test for the participants. Thus, the jury and the audience received an authentic view about the convincing professional readiness, the problem solving ability and the composure of the participants. The Minister not by chance pointed out in his speech that in Slovakia the troubled can feel completely safe thanks to the volunteers of the Red Cross as well.


On the occasion of this successful event, during the reception given in the ceremonial hall of the city theatre Prof. George Popper and Peter Lednar handed over the „Medal of Merit” of Knights of Malta (KMFAP) to Mr. Ján Richter – minister and to Mudr. Villiam Dobiáš – President of the Slovak Red Cross. 


The competitions usually have one winner. However the Slovak Red Cross – Nitra organised such a tournament, where everyone was a winner: the participants and the potential patients as well, who can rely on the expertise and overall helpfulness of the Slovak volunteers.

We could see the organisation's motto being transposed into practice: „Together we help”.

Slovenský Červený Kríž - Spolu pomôžeme


 10th July 2014