H.G. Prof. George Popper, Lieutenant General of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP) visited Belgrade

On the 10th December 2011 Prof. George Popper – Grand Cross Knight of Malta, and Sir Csaba Kertész – Knight Commander of Malta travelled to Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.

During this end-of-year visit took place in Hotel President Kovilovo the friendly meeting with the leaders of the KMFAP Balkan Region, attended by Sir Bogdan VUKOSAVLJEVIC – Knight of Malta, Prior of the Western Balkans, Sir Constantin BUZATU – Grand Cross Knight of Malta, Prior of Romania, Sir Sasa VUJKO – Knight Commander of Malta, Bailiff of Serbia and Sir Joachim SCHWARZ – Knight of Malta.

Aims of the short visit were to further strengthen and expand the existing good cooperation in the Balkan region, and to coordinate and harmonize the next year's tasks and events. The cheerful and useful meeting ended with a year-end gala dinner, where the hosts introduced their candidate for knighthood, a world-famous music artist from Slovenia.

The development and activity, which are experienced in the countries of the Balkan Region in recent times – thanks to the work of the local leaders of our Knight Order, is very gratifying for KMFAP.