Appeal regarding the case of Mr. Előd Tóásó

The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) fulfills a Humanitarian Mission, authorized by the family of Előd Tóásó, imprisoned Hungarian-Romanian citizen in Bolivia, for collecting the necessary costs of the lawyers. The KMFAP feels it necessary to emphasize that it condemns every kind of violent manifestations, especially terrorism. Nevertheless it points out to the fact that every human being has the right for the presumption of innocence, the human treatment derived from humane and fundamental rights and for the fair juridical procedure.

The Government of the Sovereign Order and State and the leaders of the Order asks the help and assistance of all the Knights, Dames and every helpful human beings all over the world. The whole amount of the support will be forwarded to the lawyers. The purpose of the Humanitarian Mission of the Order is not judging the tragic events, it is only a humanitarian help for a young man who got into trouble 11.000 kilometers away from his home.

Name of the beneficiary: KMFAP

Swift code MKKB HU HB

EUR Euro account: 10300002-10319678-48820018


USD Dollar account: 10300002-10319678-40120015


HUF Forint account: 10300002-10319678-49020015